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Unknown Skin Growths

Here it goes:

About two years ago, I noticed a series of dark brown growths on my inner thighs.  I went to a local clinic specializing in STI treatment and they considered these to be HPV and treated me with the plant-extract (podopholin?) without much success.  The growths would re-appear very quickly after treatment.  I never had any of the growth on the shaft of my penis, always on the inner thighs (and once on the scrotum).  I was then ecouraged to go to a health clinic, where the doctors first used cryo to treat the growths  (with moderate success, but with scarring of course).  One of new doctors had a growth removed and sent for analysis.  The result, no viral infection detected.  The growths were then labled subhorrenic keratosis (sorry for the spelling).  I've had one of these growths on my upper chest as well (which was taken off).  After all this time, the growths still persist and start out smaller (sometimes light in color...no pain or itching) and grow larger.  There appears to be no clustering other than being concentrated in the thigh area.  As one can imagine, receiving so many different diagnosis has caused much distress.

  I should remark that I am quite active (in sports) and I have often wondered if any of this is related to chaffing of my thighs or that area in some way being overheated.  I am married (for three years) and my wife has no signs of any STI (she's checked at regular exams).  I'm at an extreme loss. I would certainly go to a dermatoligist at your suggestion. I am just discouraged over the scarring (from cryo) and unanswered questions.  Have you ever heard or seen a condition like this?  Any information would be most appreciated!  Thank you very much.

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Seborrheic keratoses are raised, brown "age spots," which people get on the face and torso, mostly in middle-age or older.  When younger people get them in the groin, they are usually warts rather than keratoses, though the pathology may not show viral particles.

If your wife doesn't have them, all she needs to do is have regular Pap smears, which she likely does anyway.  Often, partners of people with warts never get visible ones.  As to where you got them, the question is basically unanswerable (just as it would be on the hands or feet), and it really doesn't matter.

As for treatment, all warts recur when they want to.  You just need to keep after them by some noninvasive method.  Sooner or later, the "give up," and stop recurring.

Freezinf them in my experience does not usually scar--I suspect you just have some residual pigment, which will go away in time.

I advise you to consult with a dermatologiwst about available options--freezing, burning, self-application of a cream such as Condylox or Aldara, and so forth.

Chafing is not a factor.

Good luck.

Dr. Rockoff
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