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Unsure- HPV on tip of penis?

Wanted your valued opinion on these pictures. I noticed these very small bumps 4 to 6 months ago. They have not really seem to have grown in magnitude. When placid the small bumps are not too noticeable.  When erect they are a bit noticeable. Took pictures when they were more noticeable. I have had 3 lifetime sexual encounters all, protected with a condom. No unusual discharge or bleeding or pain when using the facilities. I went to the dermatologist a month ago with a different genital concern (not pointing these bumps out to the doc) they did not even notice them when giving me a general look over down there. I snapped these pictures when the bumps were in the more noticeable state. I'm praying they are just small cysts or papules or something other than an STD. Please put my mind at ease and thank you for your time. I hope these pictures are accessible for you.



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Just looks like wrinkly penis skin to me.  Doesn't look like warts.  The dermatologist wouldn't be likely to miss warts when examining the genitals.


Dr. Rockoff
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I have some bumps on the head of my penis that look just like that except they get red when my penis is erect or in a hot shower.  Did you ever find out anything else about the bumps?  I have had a few unwise encounters and was worried.  That is why I am on the forum.
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I have the same symptoms, except that now the head of the penis gets really wrinkly and sort of scaled if I touch it or if I get an erection. in fact, it is really hard now to even get an erection. doctor says it is not an STD, but I am worried. any thoughts?
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Im 23 have had 2 sexual partners, one for 5 years the other just a fling. I have the same thing goin on as the entry below, except its on the right top half of the head of my penis. My penis looks like the one in the pics below, with the bump on the very tip of the penis but that has always been there and doesnt really cause me too much concern although i would like to know what it is(a wart or not, but as i said earlier its been there since i was 13 before any sexual encounters). About 8 months ago i got oral from a girl that i've known forever. Recently i noticed she talks about HPV a lot and was wondering if it could be that. It seems that the right side of my penis is slighty raised with tiny tiny bumps, no pain or redness is associated with them or anything, it just makes me self-conscience about hooking up with anyone else cause i dont wanna give them anything. Could it be a fungal infection or something. It doesnt seem to get worse but like below when flaccid it is hard to notice and when erect is very noticable to me. Any suggestions on creams or if i should see a doctor or what i should do?
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Correction i meant the pics from the guy who started this please help this is stressin me out
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A related discussion, just asking was started.
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A related discussion, Unsure- HPV on tip of penis was started.
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