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Hi, Doctor, I've had oily hair all my life, I also have thinning hair now as well. My question is this, even if I wash my hair at night before bed within a few hours it starts greasing up again where if i run my fingers through my scalp my hand will shine,by morning its like a large amount of grease/oil almost like i didnt wash my head at all. I also get like pimples on my scalp which will bust if i mess with them and clear liquid sometimes pus material will come out, what the hell is going on here? Is there something I can do to stop this or reduce it severly, is this oil due to hormones which is making my hair thin out also?? What do you think I should do to stop this over production of oil and also the thinning hair, thanks alot..
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Oil glands are normal.  There isn't any way to shut them off.  There are many products available to condition the hair and remove surface oil.  These do not require a prescription.  Hair loss is not caused by oiliness, and is a separate issue.  Pimples on the scalp generally come from messing with them, which in turn causes pus or liquid to come out.  Chances are, nothing is going on but that.  My advice: get a shampoo for oily hair and use it daily.  Leave the scalp alone.  See a dermatologist to make sure there isn't anything else going on that you can't see.


Dr. Rockoff
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Ok you say this "Pimples on the scalp generally come from messing with them, which in turn causes pus or liquid to come out"  Please clarify this, because the pimples are there before I mess with them. are you saying that there will be more pimples that come out if I mess with the ones that are there to begin with and that I should just leave them alone so that less will come out?
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I had some basal cell cancer removed from my nose and the surgeon did what they call the flap, pull down the skin from top of my nose to cover theside of my nose and nostrail, 15 stitches.
This was on Monday... now i have severe scalp pain and ear ache.
He did push hard on my face to the side and it did hurt and i told him , your pushing my head off!
I do have a cervical pin with 4 screws in my neck from surgery 4 yrs ago.
So now my scalp hurts to touch, barey can shampoo or brush my hair. , sharp pains in my ear as well.
Can you help me?
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