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Vaginal rash/HPV connection?

My boyfriend and I have only ever been with each other - we met when we were virgins. About 2 years ago, he slipped up and recieved unprotected oral sex from a female co-worker. About 2 months ago, I was diagnosed with HPV (through a biopsy) which I have to assume it's from my bf - or is it? Can you get HPV from RECEIVING oral sex?

I'm also on Aldara for the HPV, which I've only been on for the last 5 weeks. But over the course of the last year, I've been dealing with a rash on either side of my legs. My doctor attributes it to sweat, although I've never had it before. The Aldara is making it worse (raw and even more red than it was), but I had the bad rash BEFORE the cream.

Can HPV cause a rash or a vaginal irration if not treated for a long time? I never had any large 'warts', just a few small bumps. Since I was diagnosed through a bisopsy, is there a chance they read HPV-1 and just diagnosed me with 'vaginal warts' (thats all the report said)? I did have a small wart removed as a child on my neck.

Considering the low-risk factor on the faq portion of this site, do we have to concern ourselves with herpes? If my bf did get hsv-1 from that encounter, can that cause hsv-2? He's never had symptoms, and he's pretty confident that she didn't have any sores (it was dark he said). If she had a sore, would he have been able to see it? Is it usually on the outer part of the mouth? He was diagnosed with prostatitis afterwards, which he belives may in fact be NGU after doing some research. Could NGU be a factor?

Sorry for all the questions. We're getting married in the fall, and we want to move past this, but it's hard when this mysterious rash won't go away.

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You certainly should have the rash looked into, but it's not related to the HPV.   The rash is probably chafing, though a superficial fungus infection is possible.  Fungi are not contagious.  You do not need to be specially concerned about herpes on the basis of an HPV diagnosis.  It is possible that your boyfriend got HPV from his encounter and gave it to you, but frankly it's not possible to prove.  Unless he gets a visible wart on his shaft, in which case he should be treated, there's nothing special to do except get yourself taken care of, as you are doing.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  Please get the rash cleared up so you can forget about it.


Dr. Rockoff
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