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Varicose Veins - Surprising Cure

This is not the right forum for varicose veins. I don't think there is a right forum. And I am not asking a question; I am offering my personal experience.

Until about five years ago the varicose veins of my ankles were so bad that were black with sacks of blood and horrifying to look at. The skin was thinning and the next step was ulcers. I wore socks so that I would not accidentally scratch myself and cause them to bleed. At some point I noticed that there was some improvement, d as time went by they continued to improve. This seemed impossible because I always knew that there was no effective cure for the condition. You could undergo a painful vein ligation. But that was mainly cosmetic and the condition would recur with time.

I thought long and hard about how this could be happening. The only change I had made in my diet was to add one tablespoon of liquid minerals, and a few drops of Biosil, to each gallon of filtered drinking water. I didn't want to be bothered with pills and this was my simple solution. So every time I drank a glass of water I had my minerals. This was maybe six years ago. About six months after starting with the minerals, I noticed by chance that my single liver spot - a large and unsightly one on my nose - had disappeared. The calluses on my feet were not as bad and the heels less cracked and gray. It took me a while to realize that all of these changes were related to the mineral supplement. The process was very, very slow. After a long time my feet were only slightly discolored in places.

It was two months ago that I started using MSM as an anti-inflammatory for my asthma. It worked well in that regard. But it did something else too. My feet, which had not changed much in a couple of years were, took another leap forward, and were almost completely clear. And the skin of the soles of my feet and the heels were smooth and soft. My doctor knows all about this and is as astonished as I am. He is going to try this mineral regimen on other patients, hoping they get the same result. But it is not a treatment for impatient people. It takes time.

If anyone else has experience in curing varicose veins, please let me know. There is a special kick to curing the incurable.
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