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Vascular Growth - Tip of My Nose

I’m a 29 year old female and I'm very self conscious of this red bump on my nose.  I've had it for about 3 years.  I thought it was a pimple at first so I squeezed it and this caused it to bleed profusely like there was a blood vessel just below my skin.  My dermatologist at the time didn’t say exactly what it was but she wanted to shave it off.   I decided against this because I thought it would leave a scar.  I’ve  had a few moles shaved off in the past and it has left scars.  I also have scars on my legs from scratching bug bites.  
Over time, the bump has become more red and raised and it looks like there are very tiny white dots inside the bump.  A few weeks ago I had a consultation with a  plastic surgeon.  He said it was a "vascular growth" (no concern that it was skin cancer) and he could easily shave it off right then.  Again I was too nervous to have the procedure because I felt rushed and uncertain about the outcome.   I don’t know who to trust to remove it.  Each doctor acts like it's a simple and quick procedure and no big deal but for me, it's a huge deal.  How do they know that it won’t leave a scar?  What type of vascular growth is it?  What will they do if it does leave a scar?  Once they shave off the bump, don't they have to do something with the blood vessel that caused the bump in the first place?  

Thank you for time and expertise.
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