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Very Dry Skin--What to Do?

For the past 20 years (I'm 36)--I've suffered from what seems to be very dry, sensitive facial skin.  I have tried every moisturizer on the market ranging from cheap to extremely expensive.  I've consulted with salons and tried lotions that seem to work on all their other customers but not me.  I've tried using facial cleansers instead of my usual Dove soap.  Nothing works.  Here is my routine.  I shower and wash my face with Dove soap.  When I get out I pat my face so it is still damp and I slather on Vaseline.  I do this morning and night.  This is the ONLY thing that keeps my face from flaking.  Everytime I tell someone I am using vaseline on my face, they cringe.  I've also read that you should not use petrolatum on the skin as it will clog pores. I have absolutely no problem with pimples (maybe one per year) and makeup does not seem to bother me--in fact, foundation seems to make my face feel better.  BUT, most moisturizers (except for the Vaseline) irritate my skin after a few days. I will get kind of irritated looking on my face and get some little bumps that will disappear quite fast if I quit using the lotion.  Right now I am using a product (moisturizer) by ROC under the vaseline that doesn't seem to be causing an irritation; however, if I use it without the Vaseline I feel like my face will crack.  Can you please tell me if there is something I could use that would help and if the Vaseline is bad for my skin?  The only thing I really notice is that my skin looks dull and dead most of the time (due to Vaseline?).  Again, I've tried just about everything out there including the AHAs in an effort to slough off dead skin.  I've also tried scubbing, not scrubbing, drinking lots of water, etc. I'm just looking for a good moisturizer!  The skin the rest of my body is dry, but not abnormally so.
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You give a very nice description of eczema of the face.  This looks dry and feels dry, but is inflamed, not dry.  Moisturizers are therefore irrelevant, as you have found out.  (By the way, vaseline does not clog porse, though most people find it too greasy for their taste.)

What you need, I think, is intermittent use of a mild hydrocortisone product.  Start with a lotion containing OTC 1% hydrocortisone.  If it stings a bit at first, don't worry.  You should get a lot better in just a few days.  If that fails, see a dermatologist about a prescription for a stronger version.  

Good luck.

Dr. R
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Dear Christine --
   Hang in there, sister!
   I used to have this problem myself, except with a side order of acne now and then.  If it's non-irritating sealants you want, have you tried Dermasil lotion (a Vaseline prod.), Theraplex stuff (industrial-strength, very good consistency), or even chapstick?  Waxy and/or dimethicone-oriented ingredients helped me out a lot.  I hope you find the type of stuff that works for you.
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I have dry lips and dry hands--especially the dry
lips which just showed up a couple of weeks ago.
I am using lip wax, but it does not seem to remedy
the problem.   Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Hi Dear,
        I have problem when people see me they say to me you look pale. What can I do for this? Thanks.
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i have knots forming on my arm and one in the groin area. They are red and head up like a boil type thing but the doctor doesn't think it is phlebitis they are very tender and sore. I had one that healed up on my forearm but then received one more on the inside of my elbow and groin area. Now the one on the inside of my arm is starting to spread with more knots forming around it and if they do head up and open white and light reddish stuff comes out.
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HiI have very itchy sink .I wonder if special kind of soap that get the other soaps off my body? what is good laurdry degerent for itch sink?(for colthes)the last soap I was using ,made me itch I change soap already!>bye bye lori
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