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Very Red Cheeks

I'm a male, and I have very red cheeks. I know it's not the biggest issue, but it's a big problem of mine.
I have fair skin and dark hair, making them really stand out. My doctor I said that I have really thin skin and a lot of blood vessels to the surface of my skin and it is genetic, as my mother has noticeably red cheeks.
It's looks weird being a guy with rosy cheeks, which looks like blushing. They were fine when I was younger, but
the older I get the more I want them gone! I'm not sure if there a way to do something about it.
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There’s a few over the counter products. If you want to try, one is called Prosacea (available at Walmart etc) and one available on Amazon called First Honey® Manuka Honey Cream.


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Try laser treatments at your local skin clinic. Here is info from from Australian Skin Clinic…

“Laser for redness treatments can help you minimise facial redness and rosacea caused by dilated blood vessels and sun damage..

This quick and non-invasive skin treatment will help diminish imperfections and reveal a clearer, more even complexion.

Laser for redness removal works by bio-stimulating the dermal and epidermal levels of the skin with light emissions from a laser.

It is quick and non-invasive and works effectively at repairing any damage to skin cells. Laser for redness removal targets the haemoglobin in the upper papillary dermis which helps thicken broken and thin capillaries. The treatment helps stimulate collagen and leaves the skin redness-free and feeling bouncy.

Laser for redness removal is a treatment that needs to be performed regularly for best results. We recommend an initial course of four treatments weekly, and then a regular monthly treatment for best results.“
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