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Very dry skin

I'm eighteen and I have a lot of trouble with dry skin, especially on my lower legs and face.  It's very flaky on the sides of my nose and in the forehead area between my eyes, and sometimes it's almost scaly up and down both of my shinbones.  I've noticed this dryness for several years now.

I've tried various lotions and everything, but they don't seem to do much good in the long run...I think because I put off doing anything about it for so long, the situation might be a little more severe.

Are there any suggestions as to special lotions or treatments I can use to alleviate the dryness?
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Dry skin results when there is not enough water in the stratum corneum for it to function properly. Too much soapy water, exposure to harsh chemicals, the normal aging process and certain types of skin diseases are some of the causes of decreased amounts of protective skin oils which in turn causes dry skin.

The mainstay of management is liberal use of moisturizers after washing with luke warm water. Soap should be used minimally. Moisturizers should be reapplied liberally during the day.You can also use a topical cortisone (steroid) cream or ointment like dermacort(hydrocortisone). Adding a humidifier to the central heating system of your home or using a humidifier also helps.
Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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I think, its not normal to have a very dry...

simple things to remember is that...

1. you need to increase your intake of water. probably 8-10 glasses/day because you easily become dehydrated

2. you may use a moisturizing lotions and hydrating lotion

3. Skip or avoid using alcohol... is lets your skins moisture dry up in the air

4. Avoid prolonged sun exposure

5. have an appontment with a dermatologist you may have some skin infection

hope this could help...
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