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Very hard MRSA infection to treat!!!

I have a boil, which looks like an open wound on my face.  I have had it over a month.  I was first sent to the ENT, he took a needle and lanced the golf ball sized bump.  Not much fluid came out at the office  Over the last couple of weeks, I have had at least 24 oz. of clear fluid come out.  The pain was extreme.  A seven on the pain scale, and I have endured serious pain.  Most people would say a 10.  I could not talk because of the swelling.  I hate going to the ER.  After a month of drainage and 1200 mg. of augmentin for 10 days, there was no improvement.  When I arrived at the hospital, i was immediately given IV vangomyacin, and dilautin?1mg-2mg every 60 min.  I was kept overnight with the presence of strep and staph infection via cultures and blood.  I was sent home after 2 days with a diagnosis of VRSA.   I was sent home with doxycyclone and pain meds to take every 4 hours.  I was told that if I don't see an improvement within 24 hours than I should be seen asap. I was seen again last night.  I had a cat scan of my face. There were no abscesses noticed but small pockets of fluid.  The fluid can visibly be seen on my face as a light white area of skin.  I was told to keep taking the antibiotic because it  is one of the only one that treats staph aureus and strep.  The ER doctor also used a gloved finger to push some of the pocketed fluid to the surface.  The drainage is now brown and the pus is seen but so deep.  I can literally feel the bactrim in my mouth when I apply it to the burning wound aka flattened boil but swelling is still present.  After a month and 5 days, I need a real answer.  I feel like I am being kept in the dark.  I also started feeling pain in my next behind the boil, and feel flu like with low grade fevers from time to time.  Im so tired and miserable.  I have seen infectious disease via the hospital.  They all say that the antibiotic should start to help.  It is not helping!!! Any suggestions?
Other medical information, 31 year old female, 65 inches, 113 lbs.  Congestive heart failure with non compaction, and irregular electrical function.  EF was at 19 in 6/07 and now is at 40 as of 10/11 after  medication and ICD implanted.
Interstitial cystitis present in bladder.
Huge amounts of stress and anxiety due to a failed marriage and mental abuse.
Splenic infarct ( large blood clot) killed 67 percent of the spleen in 2007. First complaint of pain from the area in 2005.  Hospitalized for two weeks for this emergency.  Coumadin was taken for 4 years to prevent blood clotting.  
What am I left to do?  My health has not been favorable and I need answers.  Could there be something that I am not being told??? I don't have HIV or any other immune decreasing infections.
The pus filled sores started on my leg on 9/11 and were thought to be nothing but a rash with pain. It has spread to the left cheek/jaw line. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

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Have u gone onto a website like webmd to get more information?  It is a good website for medical information.

Please keep us informed.  I will try and c if I can find anything out.

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You must check for Panton-Valentine leukocidin (PVL). PVL positive S aureus as in your case with recurrent cutaneous abscess.
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My son also suffers from MRSA breakouts as well as staph rashes and eczema. (Eczema usually precedes the staph outbreaks) I've been trying to take the natural route along with conventional medicine.

So far, I've found that this has been the most effective:

Manuka honey- inhibits the bacteria from reproducing. You can use it straight from a jar or buy special creams from Amazon.

Tea Tree Oil Soap/ Oil- I use the soap daily. You can actually buy a soap called "Defense". Whenever I see a pustule, I place a warm compress on my son's infective, then once I feel it has drained a little, I rub it with tea tree oil. Tea Tree oil is an old-time antiseptic.

Bleach Baths- Add about 1/2 cup bleach to a full bath of water. Once a week.

Hibiclens- Another effective bacteria fighter used in hospitals.

Diet- Unfortunately, diet can have a major impact on mrsa. If your primary foods are acidic, it's the perfect environment for bacteria to form. Try alkaline foods such as raw vegetables and avoid acidic foods such as red meats and breads. Also, mangosteen is a powerful juice that contains xanthones, powerful antioxidants.

I hope this info helps!
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The Hibiclens is a good idea for a topical cleanser and Doxycycline for 7 days is usually what is recommended, but they can also prescribe Oral Rifampin with the Doxy.. You can also get a topical ointment that fights against Staph called Mupirocin. Another good Oral antibiotic used a lot is Bactrim or Septra, SMZ-TMP. Im sure they did a sensitivity on the culture swab and ran it against all oral antibiotics to show any sensitivity resistance. If not then they need to do so ASAP. I cant believe after draining it and IV antibiotics that it didnt knock the infection out.  
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im drinking apple cider vinegar, water, and honey and putting a paste on of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. after about 5 hours i took of the bandage the i had over the paste and the staph drainage poured out. It smelled like crap literally. so I read not to take in acidic stuff but the vinegar is just that right? I'm supposed to drink it 2 or 3 time a day. now I can't help but wonder if this is a mistake.
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