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Very itchy bites only near waistline

I have one or two eruptions that are very itchy that look like misquito bites but they are not .  They erupt one or two at a time in the area of my waistline only.  They are extremely itchy.  After a week or so they heal up and leave a mark.  I though maybe I had shingles but these are not ever sore and painful, only very itchy.  After they heal up, I find more in another place near my waistlin. What are they?
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they sound like chigger bites you get them outdoors mainlyin the woods.  They sopposedly sell cream specifically for chiggers at the drug store.  chiggers ar tiny little bugs that you can hardly see.
maybe that  what it is.
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I had the exactly the same syptoms.  My doctor diagnosed scabies. Check your inner thighs and wrist.
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