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Very sore lesions that weep, crust & breakdown.
I get these small sore lumps in my skin, mainly on my right leg and arm and neck near the hairline.  Though also on my left side of late.
Some are spontaneous, others occur when an infected hair erupts.
They are very painful and sting, eventually weeping clear fluid that crusts and then the skin beneath breaks down to a crater-like sore which takes weeks to months to heal.
Hair follicles and direct exposure to air irritates them, they continually feel like they are burning and the edges of the scabs sting becoming itchy.  Covering with small adhesive plasters has to be done carefully and never for more than half a day to dry out the wound.  any longer and lumps begin to appear around the edges of the sticking plaster adhesion areas eventually gausing much larger sores.
Any scratching actually increases the wound size through further break-down.
I have seen local general practitioner doctors but do not have local access to a dermatologist.
The only diagnosis given to date has been "some kind of autoimmune response".
I have not been prescribed any medication yet.
I have reduced my intake of preservative-laden foods and use only pure soap with moisturisers, moisturising lotions and baby oil to keep the skin moist and scabs soft.  I have recently increased my exercise regime.
I'm on Perindopril Arginine (Coversyl 10mG) for Hypertension and Zoton for reflux.
I had Dermographia as a baby but grew out of it within my first few years.  This could be related???
This condition is becoming embarassing as my skin is becoming covered in dark pigmented blotches from these sores.
Any treatment suggestions as to how to reduce the duration of these sores or eliminate them would be greatly appreciated.
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