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Viral Chest Infection With Rash/Eczema

I had a viral chest infection that started around the 10th of December, I went to see my family GP on the 19th of December when i knew by the green cough up that i needed some antibiotics, the 17th i had started to develop red spots on forearms, thought it might have been something from my childs daycare i picked up, by the 19th, they were on forearms, both front and back of arms, and chest and back, looked almost scaly and flaky when scratched, not itchy or oozing. Took a week of Doxycycline, chest cleared up, still have some mild cold symptoms. But the spots still there, they seem to be healing, but are larger in diameter now, but seem to change color dependent on room/body temperature, but seem to look better, then red again, and then look better almost normal skin color, they seem drier now, and more flaking. Have been having warm epsom salt baths, and moisturezing with aveeno, and using calamine lotion to prevent them from getting itchy. Saw my GP today, and he is newer, so he had another GP in the building come and look, and they both though maybe Pityriasis, but both seemed stumped, so they referred me to a dermatologist, but that could take about 6 months, so just looking to see if anyone else has some advice. here is a link, i hope it works, so you can see the as is now, they seem to have flattened from a raised bump, and seem to be less red and smaller in quantity. Have been taking pictures to show the dermatologist, but my fear was it will be 6 months before i can get in to see them, so looking for some advice beforehand.

link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmOcp9_xNg8_mV-nXhI13RXQwVRO
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