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I was diagnosed with Vitiligo 5 yrs ago. I am now 28. It seems like no one can help or explain much to me about it. I instantly burn if I go outside. I have never had any skin problem. People stare all the time and ask me what is wrong with me. Please HELP
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Do use a sunscreen.Tell others and convince your self too that it is just loss of melanin pigment and nothing to worry.Treatment may be prolonged and many respond well in localised forms.
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Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder in which melanocytes (the cells that make pigment) in the skin are destroyed.The exact cause is not known but a genetic or hereditary predisposition has been seen.

Treatment options include steroids,psoralen photochemotherapy(PUVA),depigmentation and surgical therapy like skin grafting,micropigmentation or tattooing and autologous melanocyte transplants.However the choice of therapy depends on the number of white patches; their location, sizes, and how widespread they are and the option that is convenient to you.I would suggest  you to discuss these options with a dermatologist.Also use a good sunscreen atleast half an hour before going out in the sun.

Hope it helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.

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I use every day ginger juice to put on white paches ,evening and mornings.Grate the ginger ,put in transparent sock and squeeze the juice .I use more than 6 month and it more then half of vitiligo gone .I'm very happy and its very cheap .I would recommend for you  to try :) .Main thing no side effects :) .
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