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Waking up with bug bites? Or a rash?

Earlier this year, probably around February of 2015, I started to wake up to bug bites. I usually get them on my hands, arms, and shoulders. I sometimes get them on my back and feet too. Sometimes they are in a line or clustered, sometimes they are just randomly on their own. They get pretty swollen and sometimes even look like welts. Here's the weird part: I only get them when I sleep at my boyfriend's apartment. I don't get them when I sleep at my own apartment. The even weirder part? My boyfriend has never woken up to bug bites before. I'm the only one who gets them. I have wondered if maybe he has bed bugs, but why would they only bite me? And if he did have bed bugs I would suspect his roommate would also have problems by now since this has been going on for roughly 8 months. I would also suspect my roommates and I would experience problems at our apartment since this has been happening for an extensive amount of time. My boyfriend and I both have pest control services at our apartments. We checked his mattress for bugs and didn't see any apparent signs.
Is this a bug that is biting me? Or a weird rash of some sort?
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Having pest control services at your apartments is a major Red Flag (I gather they are battling bed bugs, and perhaps at this moment are not winning that battle).  

Soft furniture such as beds and couches are sometimes heat treated to kill off bed bugs and their eggs, since they do not tolerate very hot climates well at all.  Even whole apartments are sometimes given such a heat treatment (to avoid resorting to toxic pesticides and besides, bed bugs are developing immunity to many common pesticides).

Perhaps your boyfriend does not taste good to bedbugs.  I think these are bedbug bites you are experiencing, not a rash.  Can you post picture(s) here?
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Bed bugs confirmed.
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