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Warts Itch?

This is my second time posting. Previously I may have been to long with my description of the circumstances.

Basically, I had two warts in pubes for 3 years. They started out small and grew to be about 5mm in diameter. They looked very much like the warts on my hand did years ago. I had the pube warts frozen off. Shortly after, I noticed a reddish/pinkish growth on the underside of my penis, on the rim's flap area, that looked more like flap then a wart. I went to doctor and had the penis 'flap' and had the area where the 2 warts were in my pubes, frozen off because it looked like the pube warts were coming back.

Since, I have come back to the doc a few more times because other penis growths have appeared on the underside of my penis in the same area. The new growths all look pinkish and are very small. I have them frozen off.

The reason for my post is because the new growths on my penis cause a very odd sensation. I can tell when a new one appears right away (even when they're very small) because they feel like something a 'squirming'. I suppose its from my clothes touching but even as I sit still I can feel something, another way to describe it is it feel like bubbles of air surfacing thru the skin. Its tickles, seriuosly!

I am using Tea Tree oil and Aldara for topical treatment now, but as I said the sensation was there before I applied anything.

What do you make of the odd sensation of these growth and also from your comments on this BB, what do you make of the unlikely location for warts (on the underside in the rim of the penis)?

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What I make of them is skepticism that they are really warts.  Bumps in that area are often just bumps, not warts.  Treating them over and over may therefore not make sense.

Your doctor may at least want to think about removing one to send for pathology.

As to the sensation, I can't think of a reason other than the fact that you are thinking about them and so they're sending signals to your brain.  Neither bumps nor warts produce that kind of sensation.


Dr. Rockoff
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First, thanks for the response. Second, as many here and on other boards I was freaked out after seeing warts, mostly because I was afraid of problems with future relationships as well as previous. But, now from reading your posts, I understand - even if they are warts, that's all they are! I didn't freak out when I had them on my hand as a kid I am not going to freak out now. I will continue with the aforementioned treatment, which by the way, seems rather effective, with NO redness, irritation, mentioned by others.

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