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Weird Armpit rash

I have had a strange rash under my left arm pit for over 6 months.  I have had several Rx's but nothing works.  It started out as just a burn when I put on my deordorant and then migrated into a red, itchy rash.  Today it appears as a ring worm rash with blisters and burned skin with a dark reddish color or bright reddish color..  It is extremely painful at this point. It does not appear to be contagious, and has not spread beyong the one armpit. I am a healthy 42 year old female aside from this one issue.  I am on my 3rd doctor with this and he does not appear to be able to identify it either.  At this point I just want the pain to go away.  I can live with the rash but not the pain.  Do you have any suggestions?  
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did you have allergy testing done?
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You should avoid using a deodarant directly to your under arm skin, avoid shaving or waxing the area for some time. These could be the cause of your symptoms.

Try to avoid sweat accumulation at the sites and use a powder.

Since when have you noticed the lesion?

This could be some insect bite, eczema or bacterial skin infection or dermatitis.

You could take oral antihistamine medications for the itching and apply calamine lotion at the site.

It would be best to consult a skin specialist as nothing can be said with surety without having a look at the lesions.

Let us know about what the doctor advises and post us if you have any other doubts.


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wow i have the exact same thing im a 17 year old female...did you figure out what it was? its driving me crazy
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