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Weird rash, red spots on arms, stomach, back?

Hi all. I have recently started developing a weird rash (and I am usually not prone to those). First a bigger red patch appeared on my neck, together with two patches on each of my inner elbows, followed by few spots on the inner side of my both arms, inner side of biceps and few on the stomach and on my lower back, on both sides as well. I noticed those few spots on my forehead and scalp. The patch on the neck disappeared and those on my scalp and face faded. But all of the other spots turned into smaller red patches who are still there for few days now, and one of the spots on my arm after scratching it on purpose had some liquid coming out is crusty now. Sometimes the small patches have almost the skin-color, sometimes they are red or pink, especially after showering, but they don't itch. I simply don't have any idea what it could be. I had scabies before, and 8 days prior to the first symptoms I was traveling so I thought I might caught scabies at the hotel, but Ive read that the second time scabies symptoms appear 1-2 days later, and in my case its been 8 days. Furthermore, my rash does not itch at all, and I have absolutely no rash/spots below my waist and no symptoms where usual scabies symptoms would appear (thighs, armpits, around the nipples, belly button, etc). I thought it could perhaps be bedbugs, but I couldn't find any traces they leave on the bed. I'd be more than thankful for any advice, and even if there is a slightest possibility that its scabies or bedbugs so I can take preventive measures for others around me. Please find 4 links for pictures attached below just so you can see what it looks like. Many thanks in advance, any advice would be great!





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Sorry, first link is missing an "h", here is the correct one:

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UPDATE: Just by accident I saw also that few more of those popped out between my lower back and buttocks, they are somewhat linear and form together somewhat a V-shape, here is an attempt of a pic:

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Anyone? :(
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No comments? :(
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