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Weird spots on chest

Recently, I've noticed these weird blackish/brown spots on my chest. Here's the thing about them: They come off - either in the shower or just by rubbing them.

I'm wondering where they are coming from - they look almost like mold, to be honest, though I'm assuming that's impossible. It usually happens when I've sweat a decent amount and maybe go a day-plus without a shower. I also sometimes use shampoo on my chest hair, arm pit hair ... is it possible this is just clogged pores? Or oily buildup?

I'm mostly worried it's some weird, serious condition that I need to have looked at.
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This may be a fungal skin infection or comedone. I would not think this to be folliculitis or a rash. Bacterial infections like folliculitis usually present with redness, pain and swelling. You have not mentioned any of these. Try using Selsun Blue (selenium sulfide) shampoo.Scrub the shampoo over the chest while taking a bath. You may do this twice a week and see if there is any improvement. Take a bath after vigorous exercises and do not allow your clothes to dry on your skin. Change clothes after each exercise activities. Take a bath every day. Good hygiene is essential to avoid skin conditions such as fungal infections.
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They don't itch or anything - they have "spread" to my legs - it's very weird. I don't notice them unless I happen to look at an area where they are. They wash off in the shower or scrape off, pick off, whatever...

It's freaking me out a little.
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