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Wellbutrin is ruining my skin

I have been taking Wellbutrin for about a year.  It has helped me tremendously, but I have noticed drastic signs of aging in my skin. It's lost it's youthfulness, and is more wrinkled especially under my eyes.  I have tried cremes, facials, peels, I drink tons of water, take a multi vitamin and omegas.  Nothing works :(  Is there anything I can do?  The medicine has been wonderful, but my skin looks much older than it should (I am 40) and it is since I have been using Wellbutrin. Anyone else experience this?
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Wellbutrin can cause skin redness, itching and increased sweating but it is not known to cause skin wrinkling. The most important treatment of skin wrinkling is avoiding the sun and using sunscreens with minimum spf of 30 atleast half an hour before going out in the sun. Other treatment methods include prescription acid creams or peels, stronger retinoids such as Retin A, Botox( botulinum toxin) ,non invasive or carbon dioxide laser and a surgical facelift.

You can consult your dermatologist and decide the best treatment for you.
I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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I also have noticed drastic aging sign while on Wellbutrin.  Almost like the subcutaneous volume under my skin as disappeared.  Have you found any correlation or solution?
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OHH YES!!!! WELLBUTRIN!?!? Now I want to cry. Week by week I see huge differences in my skin, face wrinkling, deep crevices are continuing to get worse, and now drastic sagging around my mouth. First my hair starting thinning faster and faster! Finally looked on line just in  case it could be connected to the bupropion and yes it is. I could cope with that as a trade off.  The Drug has done wonders when it was added to Effexor and Lexapro for severe Bipolar depression. It had taken me 3 years to get rebalanced and the Bupropion was what finally made the difference. I kept asking people if I was looking older and older, they couldn't tell. I'm not vain but I feel so ugly that I hate meeting new people. So sad because when I not severley depressed I love people. Will this keep excellerating? Does ANYONE have any info or suggestions. Please help
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