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What are these Red dry crusty spots all over my arms

I’ve been to a couple derms and tried cancer creams as well as several different moisturizers. My arms are a mess and nothing seems to help. I’m really wanting to get some treatment that will eliminate these spots.
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This could be different things.  I have arms that can have little raised bumps that are red on them.  Sigh, so attractive.  I found that using eczema balm helped make that go away.  I use Aveeno Eczema balm and that is much better. But it could be due to other things  So, what about petechiae?   https://www.healthline.com/health/petechiae  Now this article has a lot of potential causes and i want to preface by saying that it is unlikely anything serious. It can be the side effect to medication you take.   Do you take any meds?   But since some underlying conditions that you'd want to know about CAN cause this, you'd want to investigate that.  Of course, your doctor is tied up now so in the absence of other symptoms, I'd wait until things calm down where you are in terms of seeking medical help.  
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Thanks for your help. I will figure out how to upload a pic of my arms so hopefully I can get a diagnosis. I used to do a lot of landscaping and would get lots of sun. I’d use sunscreen but this would make my arms absolutely light up and burn really bad.  I do take some meds and have had cancer as well as chemo last winter. My derm did a biopsy on a few places and all was neg. it looks like actinic keratosis.
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