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What are these itchy bumps that come and go?

So about a month ago I woke up with a very small itchy bump on my wrist and as I itched it over a course of 15 mins it swelled from the width of a bb to quarter sized. Then a little later one popped up on my other wrist, then the next night it happened again and then again sometimes only one bump will show up other times 3 or 5 will show up. If I don't scratch them then don't swell up as big. They last for about a few hours then go away with no trace. No I've started getting them on my upper thighs. Any where from one to 50. Sometimes randomly spread out other times in cluaters.  They look like a mosquito bite or a spider bite some are perfect circles others are weirdly shaped.they don't ooze or bleed or anything.  My first thought was an allergic reaction so I've gone and extreme diet nothing but beef and beans for two weeks and they still happen so now I've been in a skinless chicken and white rice diet for almost two weeks and they still happen. My next thought was bed bugs but I've had them years ago and these don't show up in a straight line or a perfect circles Everytime and i haven't seen any bed bugs unlike when I had them before and also out of the four people in my house I'm the only one getting these bumps. They only happen once a day no certain time but normally later in the day or early morning. I have no clue what they are it what's causing them. It's driving me mad I went to the ER the one day cause I couldn't take it anymore. The Dr said and I quote "they're either a rash from an allergic reaction or some type of bug bite like bed bugs". He was no help.
Can anyone help me please.
Also I have not changed soaps or detergents or anything everything has been the same.
They only show up on wrist and upper thighs (normally inner but not always)
I have been to a allergist and found out I was mildly allergic to a few things but he wasn't much help either since when I was there I didn't have the bumps or a picture to show him the bumps.
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