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What are these itchy red bite's?


I started having a few small bumps that itch then it turned into over 50 itchy bumps! Also feeling sick to my stomach, fatigued, stomach aches and just general feeling horrible. So I went to the Dr. and she asked if I were on methamphetamine's...which made me furious! Then the Dr. said I was delusional and I had some kind of syndrome.  So when I got home I thought about what I had done different in the last couple of months and I have been eating nothing but cake, home-made caramel and plates of Peanut Butter Fudge..my mother constantly makes this stuff....and I ate nothing else. Only Sugar!! Thank Goodness...I didn't gain any weight eating all that sugar....but I have lost 5 lbs since last Friday the 18th...so I like not eating sugar now. The first sign of these bites is when I wake up and then they start to itch.  So I decided to open my window and it's been around 10-15 degrees...I did this for about 4 days.  So now...I am not waking up with any new bites. I am feeling like I am being bit..like little stings. So I checked my Cat and my cat has been itching himself like crazy and I put some all natural flea & tick medicine on him. So I am still feeling bites today.  My medicine from my regular Primary Dr. is as follows: Allegra D 24 hr. 2 x day...Nuvigil 200 mg 1 x a day...Gabapentin 600 3 x day...Klonipin 1 mg 2 x day...Trazadone 100 mg night only,,,timilol eye drops for glaucoma...more to list but these are the main one's.  Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated!!!

Thank You Very Very Much!!
Any "help" would be much appreciated!!

Thank You so very Much!!!
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If your cat has been scratching and you have been getting bites and itching bumps, seems that the cat may have fleas.

Treat your cat for fleas.  Strip all your bedding and wash it on the highest wash.  Vacuum thoroughly.  Vacuum the mattress, under the bed, every nook and cranny.  If you have soft toys, wash these.  If you are not able to wash any soft toys, put them into a freezer bag and pop them into the freezer for a few hours or overnight.

Bed bugs are very small and they can bite too.  Vacuuming and cleaning everything will help.

For the itchy rash, you can use antihistamine medication  to take by mouth.  If the doctor has not given you anything to ease the discomfort on the skin, you can purchase a calomine based cream or lotion from the pharmacy.  Applying natural set yogurt to you washed and gently dried skin will also help to cool off the hot itch.  As hard as it may seem, try not to scratch.  Scratching can cause broken skin that will allow bacteria to enter and can cause infections.

I suggest you see a different doctor next time.
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