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What are these itchy white welts on my legs?

Any opinions are appreciated. I’ve scoured google and can hardly find anyone with similar symptoms. I can’t get into my doctor until next week and until then my anxiety is threatening to be a problem....Sunday afternoon (7/22) I began to experience mild itching on my arms, legs, and chest. By Monday morning (7/23) I noticed flesh toned bumps on the areas that were itching. this “rash” itself hardly looks terrible, it’s barely noticeable, yet the itching was so intense that I couldn’t sleep and i just wanted to scratch my skin raw! it is the worst on my legs. i immediately began dosing benadryl every 6 hours as recommended, ran out and bought colloidal lotion, hydrocortisone, the works. it is now Day 3 of this rash and i’m only seeing minimal improvement despite my efforts. The itching has subsided slightly I suppose, and the bumps look better on my chest and arms but not my legs at all. what is going on? I have never had a rash before in my life. I’m so scared because this isn’t normal for me, I don’t have any known allergies. Am I dying or something? Would hives stick around this long? Every search result about rashes always shows images or descriptions that don’t apply to me, my rash is not red or inflamed. it literally looks like mosquito bites all over, but WHITE/flesh toned. please help.
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Hives can stick around for a while- so it could be hives.  They can be caused by stress or a number of other things.  It's very common to get a rash that you can't exactly identify- it doesn't mean that you are dying, so take a deep breath and hang in there!  If you need to address the itching, you can always try a walk in clinic and then follow up with your doctor when you can go in next week.  
Thanks for the prompt reply. I hate that I always feel the need to google things to death since the results are just utterly terrifying. I had no idea hives could stick around and just assumed they clear after some antihistimine. it’s only been 3 days so I guess i should be more patient...
Yes, Google does just freak you out, that is for sure!  They don't always stick around- but they can, even after you take an antihistamine.  I've known people to have them for weeks (I'm sure that's not encouraging, but hopefully- if that's what you have, they won't last that long).  Keep your doctor appointment for next week, and like I mentioned, if the itching gets to be too much- head into a walk in clinic, they should be able to help you get some relief.  
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