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What are these little bumps?

I just started noticing little bumps, I don’t know if it’s from shaving or not. Nervous to go to the doctors. They don’t itch or hurt, are just there.
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Where are they - legs? Face? Genitals? What do they look like - are they white, red, do they have a head like a pimple?

Little bumps can be from so many different things - allergic reactions, shaving, dermatitis, etc. The only way to know for sure is to get seen by a doctor.

If it's genital, it could still be any of those things. Genital warts are usually white or pink, and raised. There are a bunch of other things that cause bumps on the penis - pearly penile papules, Fordyce spots - those are totally normal.

Women also have Fordyce spots, and they are totally normal.

If you are concerned, go to the doc. I know it can cause a lot of anxiety, but really, you probably aren't any less nervous just sitting and wondering, right?
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