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What are these little hard spots on my feet?
First noticed while living in the tropics, I can only assume they might be a tropical fungus of some type or another.

I have athletes foot, to the point where I sometimes get the scaly dry flakes of skin, which pick off quite easily. BUT! I also have little spots (which at first look like unfinished pimples), but when scratched lightly, come up as white spots with a slightly hard texture.

When I attack them with a fine blade, I can pick these (growths?) off. When subjected to a good long soak in the ocean, these growths (after drying off) will a day or so later, present themselves as dead - dry white spots.

They are not deep rooted, and are usually quite easily picked off with a sharp blade.

Could these be a fungus of some type?

I think that they are also related, but not the same as the one I had on my buttocks.

These used to make sitting, a little uncomfortable. As they were little hard lumps on my cheeks.

When attended to with a (once again) sharp blade, they could be picked off, often coming out with a small root system. Not unlike a wart. But these were not wide or anywhere as large as the average household wart.

These were definitely growths because when extracted, came out with a fine root. My wife used to use a pair of fine tweezers and a magnifying glass to get at them.

What are these parasites that are trying to takeover my lovely skin? and how can I prevent them from growing on me?.

Does the fact that prolonged immersion appears to kill them in the interim help at all?.

I hope that someone has an answer to this annoying problem.



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In my view, you should not be scratching at your skin with either your fingers or a fine blade.  I haven't much idea what you are describing, but am pretty sure it's not "a parasite."  (Funguses don't like like little spots, wouldn't spread from foot to buttock, and so forth.)

Rather than observe minor variations in your skin with such loving obsessiveness, why not have a doctor, preferably a dermatologist, set you straight and your mind at ease?


Dr. Rockoff
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