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What are these red spots on my shins?

One spot is the size of a nickel with several other smaller red spots. Sometimes they itch - sometimes flakey appearing. Not bug bites.
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Sounds a bit like dry skin or even eczema- eczema is usually little scaly.  I'd start with switching to a different laundry detergent (often times that is the cause of eczema), don't use fabric softener, and use a fragrance free moisturizer on the area.

If that doesn't seem to help, it's best to have a doctor take a look at the spots to determine exactly what they are.  The doctor will be able to gather much more of your health history and do an in person exam- both pieces are essential for an accurate diagnosis.  
Thank you for your answer. I will give it a try.
You are welcome, hope it helps and you get some relief soon!  
I did see a dermatologist. He mentioned eczema as well. NOW, the rash patch is gone and also my freckles in that area. Weird that where the rash was my freckles disappeared as well. Anyone else experience their freckles going away after their rash is gone?
Glad to hear the rash is better- did you use any cream on the rash?  
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Just wanted to check in to see how you were doing?  How are the spots- any better?  
The spots have disappeared along with my freckles in that area. Weird.  Thank you for asking. I missed this post, sorry about that.
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