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What are these small bumps?

I have these very small unnoticeable bumps/dots on my lip that I can feel when I rub my lips together, this isn’t the first time but I thought it was a cold sore ( which is weird since I haven’t done anything) and I put abreava on it and it kind of burned. But now it’s back and it doesn’t even look like a cold sore and doesn’t even go through the stages of a cold sore and I can only see them when I put my flash on and stretch my lips.  It doesn’t hurt or anything, I’m just very paranoid.
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They're probably Fordyce spots, or oil glands. They're totally normal, and you've probably only noticed them because you're anxious about oral herpes for some reason. You're probably also checking it out a lot, and touching your mouth frequently, which may be irritating them.

https://www.healthline.com/health/fordyce-spots Fordyce spots are enlarged oil glands, so yours may not be as significant as those in the photo here, but you can sometimes feel oil glands.
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There on one side on my upper lip, there not white or anything. But this morning I put my flash on two seems to be pinkish and it seems whenever I put my lip gloss which is like Vaseline it’s like there slowly going away like some of the little dots I saw yesterday are gone.
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