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What are these wrinkly, crusty and dry - looking, reddish blotches on my glans skin?

This has just appeared sort of out of nowhere. It's not a bright red, but it definitely stands out from the rest of the skin. It stretches on the sides of the glans, and close to the tip, but in between the skin looks and feels normal. Which is another thing: not only does it clearly look different, but it also feels different, i.e. if I soap up the glans and run my thumb over it, the affected area feels more abrasive, and not as smooth.

I've been looking everywhere on the Internet, but I can't figure out what it is. Could it just be dried-out skin? I'm circumcised, and the skin will usually look a little dry after going from erect to flaccid, and exposure to air- but I haven't seen anything like this. Or is it something worse- balanitis, yeast etc? I can't say it itches or hurts at all.

I don't know what might have triggered this, but there are a few things I've thought of. I'm using Nizoral shampoo, and though I've been careful not to let it get anywhere near down there, it still might have. I've also used a scented soap, and a few days ago a water-based lubricant, which also contained a sweet-aromatic element. I can't think of anything else, but it must be a reaction to something.
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Here are some images. Thank you in advance.
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I'm sorry, these links are off. Use the following instead: https://ibb.co/grFjxmt
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