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What are this bumps on my child's face?

Hi all!!!

I have two different questions both about my son.

Towards the top of his forehead, under his hair line, he has been getting several pimple like bumps. They were gone during the winter, and now have returned. I honestly do not think they are acne because they stick around a lot longer.

Here is a pic: https://flic.kr/p/W7FFMW

Does anyone have any idea what these are??? I feel so bad because he keeps saying he has acne and he's worried kids are going to make fun of him. In order for me to help clear them up, I need to know what is causing them. I of course can and should take him to a dermatologist, but with our insurance it's a whole process with needing a referral from his primary and then waiting for the actual appointment. If they are something I can treat at home, I'd prefer not to go down that route.

Secondly, he has had ONE flesh colored/white bump on his nose. It's a little bigger than these other bumps and behaves completely different. I've tried popping it (I know bad idea) with no results, and it's been there for months with no changes.

Here is a pic of that: https://flic.kr/p/UTNRad

If anyone at all has any idea what these could be please let me know!

Thanks in advance!!!
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