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What causes head to toe rashes in adults

This is the third time I've had this same rash--the first was after traveling to Greece and Turkey.
Two months later I got it again after going to Las Vegas.  Both times I went to a doctor and they
said it was probably an allergic reaction to something I ate.  That was in 2001.  I have it again and
and have not eaten anything different than normal.  It's from head to toe, in my mouth, on my scalp
and privates too.  My hands (especially the palms) hurt the most.  There are little red pimple like bumps
all over and hurt more than they itch.  If it is an allergic reaction the only thing I can think of is I used Anbesol
on a canker sore on my tongue and woke up the next morning with a throbbing top of the head headache.  I
used the Anbesol once more that day and then the rash started.  The doctor I saw the last time said it was
coming from the inside of my body out.  My blood pressure is normal and I have no trouble breathing or swelling
of my tongue.  Any clues as to what this might be or what I can do to relieve it?
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