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What causes mole to get darker?

I've had a mole on my back for 2 years. Looked like a pimple at first, kind of a reddish brown color. After picking at it for a while it scabbed and grew back slightly darker, again a few months ago I accidently knicked it, it scabbed and now looks darker. Could the darkening be from the trauma of being scratched off? It doesn't look to me that it has grown, doesn't itch, hurt, bleed or any of that scary stuff. It is an odd shape though, kind of like a teardrop.
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Moles han be very dangerous. They can turn into melanomas which is very serious indeed. You say it has got darker and has changed shape, this is something to check up on immediately. The fact that it doesn't itch, hurt or bleed is not important. It could be something much simpler, but it could also be a basal cell carcinoma (cancer), or a squamous cell cancer which are less serious but need treatment before becoming serious. Do not take this lightly and try home remedies. Go to see a dermatologist as soon as possible. If he says, 'It's nothing,' you will have peace of mind, but please note that this is potentially very serious. Take note.
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It hasn't changed shape, it's always been teardrop shaped. It just used to be a light brown and now it's slightly darker. My gp said it didn't look like anything to worry about. But I'm a hypochondriac and can't stop thinking about it.
Go didn't say you had seen your GP! However, if you are still worried, see a specialist.
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