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What could be causing my intense itching all over my body?

For about two months now I have had itching all over. It started lower on my body, around my hips, thighs, and buttocks. At first there were no rashes, bumps, or discoloration. About a week ago small red bumps have appeared. Not an insane amount but there are about 15-20 in each main area. It has now spread to my stomach upper and lower back, behind the knees and upper arms near the armpits and shoulder blades. Most of the time it’s just itchy but sometimes it feels like something is biting me. The worst part for the biting sensation is the juncture of my buttocks, inner thigh, and vagina. I have no STDs, I’ve taken Benadryl, used moisturizing lotions, itch creams, and my doctor prescribed hydroxyzine-which doesn’t really help. I’m not using any new soaps, detergents, perfumes, or lotions. Help! My skin is so sore form all the scratching and I’ve deceloped bruising on my hips and thighs, both deep dark ones and surface blood bruises just under the skin. Please help! I’m going crazy!
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This sounds very painful, so sorry you are experiencing this!  Rashes of any kind are not always easy to pinpoint a cause for- so your best bet for an accurate cause and treatment is to get to your doctor, where they can gather your medical history and do an in person exam.  Feel better soon!
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