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What could be the cause of a persisten rash in the perianal area?

Hi all,

I have had a red rash between my buttocks, around the anus, but not affecting it, for about two months on and off. I also get some pimples/red dots here and there and they can be quite itchy. I've seen a couple of doctors and they seem to think I have atopic dermatitis and folliculitis. I received treatment for folliculitis and it looked like it had gone away, but now I noticed a few more spots came out about 4 days after i stopped the treatment.

The rash was sore at the beginning, but after applying a moisturising ointment prescribed by the doctor it is now just slightly uncomfortable, but still there nonetheless.

Any ideas? STIs are negative, doc said it doesn't look viral, sexual partner hasn't noticed any symptoms himself, but I was just surprised to have developed atopic dermatitis in that area out of the blue?
Can diet/dehydration be triggering factors? Would you recommend a prick/patch test to track down what might be causing this? Can stress be a factor? I am very stressed at the moment for a number of reasons, and this rash surely doesn't help.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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If what the doctor gave you did help, I would call them back and let them know that it helped but didn't clear it up.  It might just be the case that you need to treat a little longer.  
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