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What could be this raised bump on my hand?


I have a small bump on my hand that I cannot really tell what it is.

I have spotted it some 2 weeks ago and it didn't change since then (although it went from 0 to that size in some 3 weeks). It's about 3-4mm in diameter, colorless (or slightly different shade), slightly raised (some 0.1-0.3mm), thick when I touch. It doesn't itch, hurt, bleed or anything like that. On the surface it feels smooth, smoother than my normal skin actually. Oval shape.

To give you some background, I have been fighting/freezing off HPV warts on my hands for the past few months - myself, using a product from pharmacy. After freezing, the skin is damaged and blisters form (which I rupture so they become wounds). One day, I didn't really think it through and exposed myself - and the damaged skin to sun on a very hot summer day - it was late August this year.  Some 3 weeks after that I noticed the bump, near where the wound was - but it's important to note that it was not exactly on the same spot as the wound - it's more like at the edge of where the wound used to be. The wounds have healed completely - and I can compare only because I took a picture of my hand when the wounds were fresh.

I don't think it's a wart. The area was 100% clean, and the lump grew out of a sudden in just 2 - 3 weeks. I also never had a wart that big on my hand, and most new warts I have are tiny and/or are growing very very slowly. I also don't think it's a scar from the freezing - as I mentioned earlier - the lump grew next to where the wound were.

Here are the pictures.


One of the pictures is from August - showing the wounds and the area where the bump later grown. As I outlined, the bump grew near to where one of the wounds was - not on top of it.

Could it be actinic keratosis? Or some skin cancer? I will schedule a visit to the doctor as fast as possible, but I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this so I can do some more research before the visit.

Thank you!
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Don't worry it is not a skin cancer.  Your bumps are formed may be due to the fat accumulation...it is called Lipomas.  It is not at all going to give you any harm.  Better you don't care that bumps.  That will stay their for very long time.  
But if you feels any discomfort or pain or it it growing in big size then you have to go to General Surgeon he will remove it as an out patient.
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