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What fungal/genetic condition affects only the second finger and toe, bilaterally?

For the last six years, I’ve had this odd disruption of nail keratin production that started on my right pointer finger. It looks like pitted lateral lines across the nail, but not along the length of the nail. The nail bed on the anterior edge has slightly thickened and recedes over time, too.

Over time, the putting has come and gone, and the nail seems to be really hard and brittle. The symptoms spread to my left hand, but only the first finger, a year or two later. Same appearance.

Over the last year, my second toe on each foot has developed something akin to a fungal infection, but again, only affecting the second toe on both feet. The nail is curling up, has almost quadrupled in thickness, and is slightly yellow.

It almost seems genetic that ONLY the second finger and toe on both sides have been affected. Is there a name for this? I’ve seen “nail psoriasis” and generic nail fungal infections, but this seems more particular than just a fungal infection.
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Don't see how a fungal infection could be genetic, so are you asking if it's something else?  Because there's no way to know, really, without you seeing a medical professional who can give a diagnosis upon actually seeing it.  But it wouldn't be odd to get a fungal infection, if that's what it is, this way, as fungus attacks where your defenses are weak.  So if it is a fungus it's just a coincidence most likely that this just happens to be where your weakness was and you're doing things to create the environment fungus likes.
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