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What is causing a strange itchy rash.

I was in North Carolina at the time of hurricane Florence. I was staying with one of my sons and his wife who have no symptoms whatsoever. But then I went to Florida with my other son and his wife and was with them for two weeks prior to leaving out of Florida to go back to Oklahoma. I was in Oklahoma for about six weeks to two months before I noticed any symptoms. I started out having a rash that was invisible but itch really bad at night. Now I have hives that come and go. My lymph glands swell up but then that to goes away. I have been treated for scabies, 4 mites and bed bugs, and with no results. I have treated this as if it were an allergy, removed all carpet, went to all hypoallergenic soaps and detergents. The only chemicals used to clean with in my house are rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and vinegar. I have put hypoallergenic covers on my pillows and mattresses. I have tried Epsom salt soaks, Sulphur soap products, oceans of lotion, all kinds of cortisone creams, antihistamines like Claritin, Allegra, Benadryl, and Atarax. No help from anything except that Atarax semi controls the itching. It does not eliminate it or get rid of the hives that come and go on a daily basis. There is no Rhyme or Reason to when they come and go or when the itching comes and goes. I have been treated with Diflucan, miconazole cream, and other antifungal creams. My home has been checked out for  bed bugs, mites  and although none were found it has been treated for them  anyway. I have washed and rewashed own Linens and laundry  for 2 months and No improvement whatsoever. I am at a complete loss and I am tired of paying out of my pocket because I have no insurance to go to a doctor and get no relief. I recently spoke to my son and found out they have been having the exact same problem. It has affected him his wife and his child who is less than 2 years old. They have been to the doctors and we're told it was just sensitive skin. I don't buy that nor do I believe that because it happened to suddenly. They have been dealing with this for just over a year. There is definitely something going on and a correlation to the fact that we were together and in the same place. I am contributing it to being in Florida because the other son that I had been with prior to being with this one has no symptoms whatsoever. I do not know if it is something that is ingested but to me it seems like it could be parasitic in nature. I do not know if it is a bug or if it is a fungus. The only thing that my second son and I had in common was the fact that we stayed in Florida together. It seems odd to me that he has been dealing with this for over a year and now suddenly I am dealing with it. However no one else in my house has become infected. It is only affecting me. Please help me. I don't think this is something that is routine or normal. My son has gone through all of the many aspects of cleaning and taking care of his house and themselves and treated for many of the same things and come up with the same solution oh, absolutely nothing has helped.
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You mentioned that the hives like rash comes and goes- have you tried creating a journal that you use to note what you are exposed to, what you eat, etc. in a single day and how the rash is reacting?  Sometimes, you can identify a trigger by keeping track of all the details of your day and noting how your body is reacting.  I'd probably say it's worth it to start there and see where that leads.  
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Yes, I have actually found that along with a photo Journal which I have shown the doctor and we still could not come up with anything from that. However, my daughter-in-law is having the same symptoms so I am thinking that it is not just a normal allergic reaction that is confined to just myself. It seems more like there is something else going on that may be communicable.
That does seem strange that she is having signs as well, but you mentioned no one you are around currently is having the same symptoms- is that right?  Have you tried an elimination diet- where you eliminate items from your diet and see if it helps?  
Yes, no one else in my home is being affected.  I have stopped all medications I was on and eliminated all the most popular allergens and the questionable ones from my diet. I have been slowly adding things back and watching what happens. Still nothing.  I can't help but think it may have been something we were exposed to in Florida, either by ingestion or bug bite. I just don't recall any of us getting a bite.
Look up Morgellons disease. Florida is a hot spot. It is a form of Lyme disease, is what research is showing. I live in Florida, and have it.
I will,  and thank you!
I found a link to someone who treats morgellans disease,


I don't know if it fits all the criteria of the disease for me but it's definitely worth checking into.

Thanks again.
Hi, Iooked up the doctor that you found to treat Morgellons. It is, of course, my opinion, but I would not go to that doctor. A ligitimate doctor that treats this disease would not sell creams that he has formulated, or have his name claimed as part of the syndrome. I have read most of the ligitimate research papers on the disease, and his research is stating silcone from implants causes the disease. Thousands of people have this disease, and are registered  at http://www.thecehf.org.  The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation is the best place to start for ligitimate information on the Disease. There are links to research papers that are basesd on ground breaking research on the subject. I am guessing you are in the Los Angeles area, since the doctor you were looking at is in Garden Grove. The premiere researcher treats patcients  in San Francisco. His name is Dr Raphael Stricker M.D.. I have heard he doesn't always have the best bedside manner, but he will get you well! The best way to know if you are dealing with Morgellons Disease is to buy an inexpensive hand held 60 x magnifying glass, and check for different color hair-like filaments in and around the lessions. They can be red, blue, Green, yellow, black and clear. They can be wound around I. Ulcerations and lessions, or be underneath the skin. Morgellons disease is the only disease that shows this symptom. If you do see these filaments in the magnifying glass, please get good, knowledgeable help as soon as you can, because this disease progresses, and can get misserabke! The sooner it is properly treated the better your outcome. Here is a link to a magnifying glass like I first used the look at my skin. If you have any questions let me know, and if you do have this disease, and want to private email me or talk to me, just let me know. I have spent hundereds of hours on researching, and learning, since I had to diagnose myself, Hopefully you won't need to deal with this!
All the Drs around here claim it's actually just a mental disorder.  None really believe it even exists.  They say it only manifests because one believes it's true so patients scratch physical signs even though they are really needing psychological help. They said the fibers are from clothing not from the body. They claim there is no real evidence in a controlled test study that it is physical. Who knows.
Don't let the doctors talk you into thinking your crazy if you are not! I know I am not, and it took me hundreds of hours and purchasing a biological microscope before I could even figure out what I was dealing with. Research shies that the filaments are produced from your bodies own keratin from hyperkeratosis, in response to the bacterial infection. I actually have extreme hyperkeratosis from the disease. You will know what you are dealing with or not dealing with, if you look at your skin WTH a 60 x magnifying lens.
Lyme disease had crossed my mind because I have had many tick bites over the last couple years.  The problem with this is that the rashes come and go so fast and I never know when I am going to break out. Sometimes the rashes last for minutes to hours to 1/2 a day and go away.  My doctors have seen it happen right in front of them but come up with nothing on skin tests. It's insanely itchy and sometimes stings.   I gave up trying to figure it out. My daughter in-law had the same thing,  so does her husband and child.  I am hoping they have better luck than I figuring it out.
How are you doing?  Has your daughter in-law made any progress in getting things figured out?  
No progress at all, just more antihistamines.  Still everyone has the rash including the almost 2 year old.
I just moved to Texas but before that I was in Florida for 13 years I recently realized same symptoms n black mini dots coming from pores n more when I sweat. A buddy told me of a parasite called" SILENT KILLER" COMES from a chungas bug??? Idk but I'm freaking out my self n idk what to do n have no money for doctors even though I went to emergency room 4 times for no help
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