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What is causing these itchy bumps on my arm?

For a few years it seems that i get these itchy bumps on my arm. If i scratch them they seem to get worse and spread. I went to the doctor last year about them because they seemed to be worse then. He gave me a cream of somesort, steroid I think. I also have used tea tree oil and even an anti fungal. I don't know what ever really works for it, but it seems to come and go. It hasn't bothered me much this year, but for the last few weeks it has popped up. It is all on my right forarm, usually limited between my elbow and wrist. I have had it spread to the other arm, but only a bump or two. It seems to have a worse section of it, which is raised. There are single bumps too. It's not a lot or a big area, but very itchy. I have thought it was ring worm even, but it doesn't spread any where else on the body. Seems like they can have a little puss head on them too. It's almost like a bite of some sort, but it's not. I kinda thought it was worse when I spent a lot of time outdoors. I live in Florida, and last year when it was worse I we took about six weekend trips to the beach, spending a day or two there each time. It always seemed worse when I came home from that kind of thing. In previous years I associated it with bug bites. My skin is raised around the areas too. I try my best not to scratch it and I keep appling tea tree oil hoping it will help. I scratched till it bled over the weekend and it got worse, when it had been getting better. I'm at a loss. I have no idea if it is something I'm eating or touching or what. Why is it only on one arm or why doesn't it spread to my legs or torso? Very Strange, any help appreciated. I already saw a doctor and they didn't help much!
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