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What is it?

I'm in my late 20s & practice in health. Dx. with HPV in Summer of 2004. Prior to dx. visited +/-10 docs over 6 mos. because no one could confirm why I had a sudden onset of chronic vaginal problems after my 2nd partner removed the condom w/out my knowledge. One doc., finally dx. me with HPV. Next doc. performed LEEP. Next several docs. informed the doc followed outdated guidelines &I was too young for a LEEP. I finally healed emotionally from the months of not understanding what was wrong followed by having an uneccessary surgery. I then found a plantar wart on each foot and continue to receive tx. for them. After trying to always practice safe sex, the condom broke with my next partner in the spring of '06. I immediately got tested for everything and was negative for everything except HPV in my cervix. 1-2months later, I dismissed a never seen lesion(s) for an ingrown hair(s). Then, it got bigger and darker. I realized these did not "pop" like my other ingrowns and it was not responding to an effective over-the-counter tx I've applied to my ingrowns since Feb.'06. I ve suffered from ingrowns for as long as I can recall.  So I did a self-examine of my genital area and found several other lesions mostly smaller and lighter in color, much like the bigger lesion initailly appeared. OB/GYN biospied the larger area & it was negative for condyloma. So she continues to freeze off the rest. 2 docs and 2 PAs have viewed them. No one can explain what they are. Aldara did not work. Once frozen off they do not re-appear in the same site. No clinician can view them unless I point them out. I stopped waxing and shaving near the area which only makes them harder to find. The biospied lesion was a squared cluster of the 4 dark-colored rounded lesions. They are mostly now the size of a pinhead, gray/dark brown, round, smooth, raised, and appear mole like. They are no longer found in a cluster. I don't remember them ever being painful or itchy. They are mostly found in the mucus like fold of my labia majora. In retrospect, I remember my last partner had what he thought was a mole on the tip of his penis. I also seem to remember he might have had some near the base of his penis. No clinician will confirm it is a STD/HPV. They refer to them as they don't know what they are, moles, skin tags, and/or folliculittis. I just want to know what they are so that I can have the peace of mind that it will not be passed on to my future husband/children. I am currently in a relationship with serious potential. I find myself trying hard not to become too emotionally distressed over the matter. I am convinced the lesions are due to sexual transmission since they appearred directly after my unprotected episode. I was convinced my vaginal problems were directly linked to my other unprotected episode and even after several docs. tried to convince me I was okay I really had cervical HPV. So what do you think they are? I read a little about bowenoid papules appearing benign at 1st...
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On the basis of what you've told me, you have no basis to be "convinced" that these are sexually transmitted.  On the contrary, the clinical impression of the people who have examined you is that they are not warts.  The fact that they can't even see them unless you point them out also argues against warts.  I think they are continuing to freeze them mainly to placate you, which is unfortunate, because it is reinforcing in your mind that you have something you almost certainly don't.  Likewise, your "chronic vaginal problems" do not sound as though they have anything to do with HPV.

Condoms do not protect against HPV, and having one break doesn't make you get it right away--warts take months or years to incubate.

Basically, you seem to be in the grip of HPV paranoia, and I strongly advise you to get yourself out of it.  The next time you see one of the things you're convinced are HPV, have your gynecologist biopsy it.  When it does not show HPV, and pathology in this context is definitive, unconvince yourself that HPV is what you have.  If you need counseling to help you deal with your fears, then by all means seek it out, and the sooner the better.

Good luck.

Dr. Rockoff
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I also read something about dark pinpoint like...are clotted off capillaries???
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I'm expierencing something somewhat similar but am not sure exactly and I'd appreciate a response. I am circumcised and have extreme amounts of small red bumps on the edge of the "head" of my penis. They become somewhat irritated during masturbation, but not very much. I am worried if this is dangerous to my health. Thank you for your time.
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