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What is on my body

so during my soccer season of last year i started a sweating problem down south. i'd get really bad wedgies and it'd be really embarrassing when i was playing. i'm not overweight or anything i just get them. it's almost been a year and the itching still happens down there if i sweat for too long. sometimes though id scratch for so i'd get so itchy and i would make myself bleed. a large flaky scab forms from the side of my anus and down through my taint. even after the scab forms it STILL itches and eventually like in the shower or if i scratch the scab will peel away and it'll be just like a clear flake. i don't have a fever or anything and i feel fine other than the itching. i also used to have a dry patch in my armpit. i used hydrocortisone for that and it went away. i also have two of the same patches on my stomach they're opposite of each other and they have red bumps that get really itchy. i also have the same type of thing on my big toe but it doesn't itch and on my arm which itches like crazy. now currently i have a eczema type looking thing on the back of my knee. i haven't been to any doctors and i'm currently using jock itch cream for my southern region but i don't know how to make it go away! i need help! soccer is coming around again and i need to be free of this itch!!!!
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First, I'd recommend going to a doctor to see if they have some medicated cream that is a bit stronger and can address the rashes you are seeing now before soccer season starts.  Second- during the season make sure you keep the area very clean and look into alternative fabrics to wear for your undergarments- they make several types of clothing that are designed to pull the moisture away from your skin, rather than let it sit- you can go to your local sporting goods store and find several options (for example, Under Armor is one brand that makes several options).  Right after your games and practices- shower and put on clean clothing.  You may even try small amounts of powder in the areas that sweat tends to gather.  
yeah i'm scheduling an appointment for the dermatologist or my GP this week
Good idea, that should help a lot- good luck!  I'm sure this isn't fun to deal with!
thank you! it's not fun at all. i think in the southern region it's a sweat rash that i've scratched so much it scabbed over. it might've possibly turned into a yeast infection or just a fungal infection in general. sometimes the scabs are yellow so we'll see! have an appointment this friday
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