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What is the bloody growth on my nose?

It appears after I exfoliate, bleeds excessively and then goes away until I exfoliate again.
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I was going to ask, what kind of exfoliation do you do? Is it just a mild scrub and this happens? Or something more harsh?
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It is a scrub with mild soap and a chamois wash cloth. I think the wash cloth irritated it so now I just cleanse with the soap. Exfoliating scrubs irritate my face.
Probably a good idea not to use them not just because of the irritating nature of what they put into exfoliating scrubs but also because they can actually stimulate your skin to produce more oil. If you feel just a mild wash with soap is not enough, maybe you could try those inexpensive nylon gloves they make that are for scrubbing off dead skin cells (all over the body) when you take a bath. They're made of nylon and are rough, but not harsh like the granules in exfoliating products.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for the question.  Scabs that won't heal can be a sign of something that you need to have a doctor look at to determine the cause. That can be a classic sign of skin cancer and it is in a spot that is highly susceptible to that.  I am not sure though if that is exactly what you are describing.  Is it a scab that won't heal?  The scab is there in between exfoliation and the process of exfoliation pulls the scab off?  
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Ive stopped exfoliating and am just cleansing and moisturizing. Scab has fallen off and healed and there is no sign of reoccurence. I may have aggravated my skin with the exfoliation.
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