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What is the cause of itching and dirt between the scrotum and inner thighs?

My friend has a dark patch in the area between his scrotum and his inner thighs. He says that the itching isnt really bad and he an go hours without feeling like scratching.

But when he does scratch the area, rolls of dirt form under his fingernails. The dirt builds up evertime even after he washes it all off.

He doesnt have sex regularly but uses protection. What could be the cause of this?
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Bird mites I've been going through this thing thinking it was a lint bug for 6 months now I went to Walmart they got the stuff called chiggerex 2×power red top it works and I found out that I'm the host to a bird mite thought I was crazy but everybody in the house got it I thought it was a new parasite but it is a bird mite
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Sounds like it might be an issue with cleanliness- maybe?  That can cause some itching- probably should be sure to clean the area regularly and he can also use powder to try to keep moisture from causing an issue.  
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