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What is this hole on my butt cheek?

So about 2 years ago I woke up and had a pimple like bump on my lower butt cheek id say about 2 inches from my butthole so naturally I kind of poke and prod at it and finally got it to pop and after it popped for about a month it constantly leaked clear some times had a little hint if yellow and was the same consistency if lube.. So honestly i thought that that's what it was at first like a gland or duct got clogged with lube during sexual intercourse with my partner at the time but after the first 3 days and it was still draining and even though it was clear it smelt like poop. Well went to the doctor and they said it was an ingrown hair and to use a hot compresd.. Well its been 2 years now I feel like the hole has gotten a little bigger and itches some times but had has stopped leaking... U don't believe it's an ingrown. Does any one else know what it could be or how to get tbe whole to close
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