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What is this itchy rash? It’s a solid red color, hexagonal shape, slightly inflamed

Image: https://imgur.com/a/u2Pbz8z
What is this rash? It’s a solid red/pink color, with a hexagonal cloudy shape, slightly elevated/inflamed. Very itchy, and moisturizer doesn’t work. It’s on my calf (leg). Tends to itch more at night.

More details --
- It's mostly dark reddish, maybe slightly dark pinkish. To me, it looks like the same color as a bruise almost.
- The slightly elevated/inflamed-ness looks like a plateau above the skin, like a flat surface but inflamed.
- It doesn't itch as much during the day. Maybe because I'm eating, drinking water, or whatever?
- Touching it itself doesn't hurt or itch. It itches by itself.

Possible considerations or causes
- Wore a very cheap costume recently for 3 hours and sweating in it (legs are arms of costume were in contact with my skin; I had shorts and T-shirt underneath)
- Urine splattered on my leg while peeing in the urinal because I peed the wrong direction and it rebounded onto my leg. I washed it with water, but didn't take the time to wash it with soap
- I wear 88% cotton 12% other stuff socks that reach up high. However, I've been wearing these socks for at least 3 months now without problems, so I doubt this.
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I don't think the urine has anything to do with it, but it's possible that the costume might.  It could be an irritation from the costume, but it might be something that will require treatment by a doctor.  I'd recommend having a doctor take a look at it in person so they can gather more medical history and do an exam.  
Let us know how you are doing!  
Thank you! You were right. It was the costume after talking with the doctor and self-daignosis. Man, I didn't know polyester can cause such a rash.
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