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What is this purple rash on my thigh?

Yesterday I noticed several small unknown bug bites on my upper left thigh (near my butt). Today, after I got out of the shower (because it was itching in the shower), I noticed now there is a deep purple spotty/blotchy rash in the same spot as the bites. It is the size of like a baseball. If you see the attached picture, it looks like that except a little more clustered and there are more, but not many more. Also, the purple spots are flat. The bug bites are obviously raised, but the spots themselves are flat. And again, it is only on my upper left thigh, no where else on my body.
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Hi there!
This could possibly be the usual reaction to a tick bite which leaves  a bump on your skin that improves within a few days The purpura could probably be from the scratching rather and the color could be due to bleeding under the skin .This usually happens when you scratch with a lot of pressure. A mild red to deep purple rash could possibly be a rash of Lyme’s disease. It may appear in a few days, several weeks or a year after the bite. The rash may spread to other areas of the body, or there may be additional rashes far from the primary one. It will be really helpful that you see a dermatologist and confirm the diagnosis. Do keep us posted.
Take care and regards!
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