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What is this raised, soft, brown structure? Could it be dangerous?

Hi, so I have something that looks like a raised mole, with a top that is squishy and can be moved from one side to the other. It is brown in color, and right on my waistline. Its size is less than a pencil eraser, I'd say less than 0.3cm. Because of its position, my pants often push and pull on it, which can be a bit painful at times, and cause small tears. It's always been there, more or less.

I'm attaching a few images below:
• https://ibb.co/PCsfYg0
• https://ibb.co/PgDvDdy
• https://ibb.co/JsRdCrj
• https://ibb.co/866498r
• https://ibb.co/2vb3jvR

Is this a mole? An angioma? A Skin tag? Could it be anything dangerous?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thank you for the question.  Not all of your links worked to take me to your pictures and it is hard to tell from the images.  I do think that if you have an ongoing concern, the best course of action is to visit your doctor. You could start with your primary care doctor who may refer you to a dermatologist. Some derms are currently doing telehealth appointments where you can show them this marking. From your description, it sounds most like a skin tag to me.  That your pants rub on it will make the skin tag worse as they are often found in those places that receive friction. https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/guide/moles-freckles-skin-tags
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Hey thank you for your answer. Would it help if I reupload the pictures that didn't work for you? If so, please let me know which ones you had trouble viewing!

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