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What is wrong with my lips?!

I have something going on with my lips & it's driving me insane. I'm hoping someone might have some ideas/ suggestions. I have never had cold sores, etc. and the symptoms don't seem to fit the bill, but of course that's all Google can think of. ;-)

It started in April while I was on vacation in TX with my husband. I woke one morning to what looked lije a white head on my upper lip. No pain, no itching, no burning, just a whitehead that I pinched and it swelled immediately but was gone by the next day. Since then, every time I make out/ have sex (a lot of kissing) with my bearded husband, I get a whitehead in nearly the same spot with the same scenario. One whitehead. I pinch. It's gone in a day or two.

During the past month, I have noticed that the area around my mouth - mainly corners - burn a little, but there's no redness, no swelling, no bumps/ pimples.

I keep thinking it has to be an allergy. I have no idea what it could be to. I have changed toothpaste, I've stopped using ChapStick (I used to be obsessed with the original black tube stuff, but stopped when this started in April). I've considered a fungal issue, but I don't see any signs. It's just weird...irritating...and unnerving. Help! :-)
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It could be from friction- causing an irritation.  I agree it doesn't sound like a cold sore at all.  To know for sure, you should have a doctor check it out, but it doesn't sound like anything too concerning.
Thank you! It's frustrating to have burning with no explanation, and an occasional lip line pimple...especially since neither have been an issue previously. I appreciate your input.
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