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What is wrong with my scalp?

The nape area of my scalp has always been very sensitive. At times it can literally hurt. My stylist has to be very gentle when dealing with this area of my head. Recently I'd been scratching the area and then I had an hair appointment where I had a color treatment. This area of my head got extremely irritated and there was a burning sensation. I figured it was due to my scratching prior and would go away and it did. For a couple of weeks everything was fine. Then that area began to itch again and have the burning sensation like the skin was inflamed. So instead of scratching I just rubbed the area using the pads of my fingers. Didn't help so then I put some coconut oil on that area hoping it would calm the irritation. Again, that didn't help. Every oil I tried did nothing to calm the area. Finally I put Aloe Vera Gel on the area and RELIEF. The irritation and painful sensation went away.

The next day as I was going about my errands, I happened to put my hand around my nape area and felt something hard. Feeling further I realized the entire nape area had crusted over. It didn't hurt but it was a very large scab that covered the area. What is the cause of this? Was it the Aloe Vera healing the skin? And why does that area randomly become irritated? Is there a way to prevent this? More info: Natural hair, sleep in satin bonnet and the hair in that area is growing normally.
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