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Whats going on with my skin?

I am having several skin issues... Im sorry I know it is a lot. I know I need to see a derm but when I made the appt they said I had to come alone due to covid and I dont have anyone to watch the baby so Im kinda stuck right now....
Im a 40f, no allergies or meds. Im not out in the sun, although I was when I was younger. I spend 99% of my time inside. I drink lots of water, at least 80oz a day... as it is the only thing that I drink... what is going on with my skin???
This are all over the back of my head on my scalp. I have had them for years and they dont go away. Pics: Back of head https://imgur.com/gallery/pSIaq24

I also have this thing on the back of my arm that I have had for several years and does not go away... https://imgur.com/a/XrvA72W

And also my hands... they have been like this for 3 years and nothing helps them at all... sometimes they burn and itxh really bad...https://imgur.com/a/4zTRFdh

Also my bottom lip peels everyday. It comes off in big chunks...
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Could be ingrown hairs, but impossible to tell from photos. You’re right - you need to see a derm.  If it’s bothersome and you can’t alone, you should call the derm office and ask about bringing “the baby” with you.
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