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White Rashes/Spot.[Like Fungal] on Both Elbow

I have developed White Rashes/Spot.[Like Fungal] on Both Elbow. Very small, no itching, nothings feels.

Is this Eczema or something else ?

First it come on 1 elbow and after that on another elbow , same position.

Any help ?
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I have this. I was diagnosed last year with ichthyosis. https://www.healthline.com/health/ichthyosis-vulgaris  Mine is likely genetic as I noticed it when young although not very pronounced like it can be now. I don't shed skin cells like most do. That's basically what is going on. Eventually, you'll get white kind of hard surfaces on elbows, knees, things like that. Gets worse in winter or when the heat is on. I use lotions with urea in it and lactic acid. I exfoliate in the shower with a sugar rub. And lather on moisturizer after the shower.
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